Monday, March 12, 2012

Believe in Yourself - Trust in Miracles

               Aerodynamically a bumble bee can’t fly, yet it does.  I remembered this when I successfully, after weeks of challenge, trying, swearing, walking away, trying again, moaning… you get the idea… produced an mp3 recording on a new program I purchased.

               I recorded a twenty minute chakra healing meditation and I had the energetic vibrations just the way I wanted them.  I added the music track for the background.  I liked how it sounded, but when I hit the “produce” button, I got a message that it had to be a video.  I hit the mp3 button and got a message that said, “this program cannot do that.”

               Yet I knew my friend in Oslo had the same program and she makes mp3’s.  I called tech support and they said “this program cannot do that.”  I Googled my question online and got pages of discussion, all saying that the “program cannot do that.”

               Last week I had the opportunity to meet Simran, my friend from Oslo, and asked her how she produced mp3’s with our mutual program.  She got out her laptop and went to the program, then the “produce” button, then the mp3 button and got the message “this program cannot do that.” 

               “See! I told you – it doesn’t work!”

               And she said, “Oh, you just have to ignore it and go on.”  And she did.  She canceled the negative message and the next screen that came up was “produce your mp3.”

               So easy.  And yet, it is no different than real life.  How often do we get the “you cannot do that” message either from others or in our hearts?  And how often do we listen to it? 

               Yet, if we do as my friend Simran says – “just ignore it and go on” – I bet that we will succeed in what we believe we can do.  We can do much more than we believe we can.  We are hardwired to succeed – hardwired by Spirit, Source, our Creator – hardwired to succeed in everything we do, everything we want.  Yet we allow our circuits to get tarnished, our light to dim, our beliefs to shrink….for one reason or another.  The reason makes no difference.  What matters is that we recognize when this is the case and we do something about it.

               Next time we get a limiting belief – question it.  Chances are it is just that – a limiting belief.  Ignore it.  Set your intention.  Visualize where you are going.  And head in that direction.  Spirit can’t move a stuck obstacle (ie, YOU) so get moving and allow Spirit to steer and guide you toward your goal.  Expect miracles.  You visualize it ….it will happen. 

Note to self:  I see the reality of Raw Holistic Soul – first retreat in Sedona, 2013.

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