Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Power of the Pause

There is a powerful moment in time that gifts us frequently throughout our day.  I call this moment "the pause."  It is an opportunity - actually, THE opportunity - to create the life we choose to live.  It is an opportunity to teach and uplift others, to raise energetic vibrations and heal this tattered world in which we live.

All of this goodness bursting forth from this one tiny moment in time.  The moment, the pause, is like a seed with incredible strength and power ready to burst forth with life affirming energy when given the "go" from us.

What is this incredible gift we carry within us?  This powerful moment in time?  This rich and affirming pause?

It is the moment between what happens to us………….the pause…………..and how we respond.  Read this sentence again: it is the moment between what happens to us………..the pause………...and how we respond.

The can be no more powerful moment.  If we could hear the symphony of life around us, we would hear pure silence at this moment, the pause in energetic vibration: the result will either be life affirming goodness or utter chaos and failure. The choice is ours.  What we do in this powerful moment will dictate a very large ripple of energy and vibration, of feelings and heart felt love or drama.  It is as if the world around us stands still in anticipation, awaiting or response.

Our gift to ourselves and the world is the pause, this rich moment of opportunity.  Use it wisely and with love and affirmation.

Let's practice the pause so you can see its power.

Say you are driving in traffic and someone flips you the finger and waves his fist at you…..the pause….you have a choice how to react….the choice will change energetic vibrations all around you….it is your moment to gift yourself and the world….what do you do?   

What if you smile and wave back?  How do you feel.  You have acknowledged his communication to you and you are returning a greeting to a fellow human, an angry fellow human, with a message of love and acceptance.  If the Angels or Spirit Guides had a chorus - you might hear a Hallelujah! And see them giving each other high fives.  The world feels better, do you?

Or say you are at your office, and you did an incredible job handling a very difficult and challenging situation.  You put out what could not only have been a big fire but a large explosion.  You are very proud of your work.  The next day you see your boss and you expect him to pat you on the back for your efforts, which were above and beyond your job description.  

But instead he shakes a form at you and has it marked and circled with how he thinks you have failed to complete it correctly…….the pause…..you look at the form…..he has a point, but it is not as grievous as he indicates, but he has a point…...what do you do…...how do you shift the energy….he is awaiting your response, and his inner child is hoping you engage…..the power is yours, not his.    

You look up at him and say, "Thank you for bringing this to me. You have a point. I see you are upset.  Do you want to talk to me about this?"  And you hold out the accusing paper for him to explain.

Sure, he's probably still going to rant and rave -- it takes awhile for anger to diffuse.  But you know in your beautiful heart that the problem is not yours - all of that anger is his and it is because of something else.  As he winds down you can help him to find his balance again.  Even if you erred in the report, you know it is not worthy of this reaction.  Allow his reaction to dissipate and maybe you will have the opportunity to find out what is going on in his world to ignite such fury. Or at a minimum, you have restored balance to the situation and resolved it in a win/win way.

You are gifted with these seeds.  Think of all of the actions that happen to you each day, each one asking a response from you.  Plant your seeds of love and forgiveness.  Work the pause.  Watch the energetic vibrations shift.  See how beautiful and loving you feel when you can sow a seed of forgiveness or loving kindness rather than contributing to anger and disconnection.  

You have the power to create peace in your heart, the power to plant seeds of love and goodness, the power to shift the energetic vibrations of the moment and of the earth.  You have the power of the pause.  Use it lovingly.

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