Thursday, February 16, 2012


Imagine a world with no hatred, no greed, no corruption. A world where all people and all animals are safe, free to roam and explore without fear of harm. A world filled with lush gardens providing food for our health and flowers for our spirit. It would be a world without violence, disease, Twinkies and other processed toxins, where birth and death are sacred events to be welcomed, each in their own time.

Is this world possible? Yes. Probable? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The word “whirled” came from the great sages, Ben and Jerry, with their creative ice cream names. One of those was “Whirled Peas.” I like the concept of substituting “whirled” for “world” when contemplating global peace. Global peace will come when all our energetic vibrations are balanced, in harmony, and perfectly whirled.

To obtain whirled peace, we first need to attain individual peace: mind, body, and spirit at-one-ness. We each need to work at loving ourselves and understanding the value of our being part of a great One, part of the Source of all there is. When we have peace and contentment within our earth bodies, we are willing to share this love with other earth bodies, both human and animal, and we are willing to care for the planet.

What would the world be like if global leaders practiced internal love and balance? What if they wanted for each of us the same level of sustenance they wanted for themselves?

What if countries no longer drew lines on the map and instead viewed themselves simply as inhabitants of this beautiful planet we all share?

What if religions stopped building walls and instead united all in Spirit rather than divided by dogma?

If, one by one, we could start a global epidemic of harmony, balance, peace, and loving kindness, what could happen? Can you imagine the Energy vibrational shift if we stopped hating, stopped competing for earthly commodities, and started to value compassion more than competition?

     Am I being simple or acting like a Pollyanna? Perhaps. But what’s the alternative?

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