Monday, January 16, 2012

Got some clutter in that beautiful body of yours?

Clutter is chaos, chaos that we welcome into our lives.  Chaos that blocks the flow of our energy and dims the brightness of our spirit’s light. 

               Have you ever walked into a crowded antique store, where everything was smashed together and you had to turn sideways to maneuver through the packed aisles.  What did you feel?  Me? I feel uncomfortable and then find my breathing getting shallow.  These places are often dark and there is no energy flow.  Soon, I abandon my mission, even if there is something special to see, it is not worth sorting through the rubble to find buried treasure.

               Yet, have you ever mined for gold?  You are outside on a beautiful day, sun shining upon you, with your pan in the river, gentle waters flowing as you search for your nuggets.  The energy is inviting and invigorating.

               Our bodies can either be like the crowded store or the free flowing stream and we are the ones who control this. 

               Picture your body like the stream on a sunny day.  Light illumines it and it magnifies this radiance for all to experience.  Energy flows through it: your heart beat sends healthy blood pulsing through your entire body, free to travel and do its job.  Your lungs bring in fresh air to oxygenate every molecule making them vibrant.  Water flows through your body giving it life-sustaining hydration and removing all toxins.  All systems bright, healthy, flowing and glowing – your radiant self.  Breathe in this feeling – it feels awesome, doesn’t it?

               And yet, what do we do to our beautiful bodies?  We, who have the power to heal and sustain them…..we often clog and clutter them.

               We fill them with toxins, chemicals we know nothing about, artificial flavors and food colorings, hormones and drugs given to beasts of burden, stimulants and a gazillion things we can’t even pronounce much less understand their side effects.  And worse, we think nothing about this chemical dump into our bodies and we feed our children the same toxic load.

               The result: clutter, bodily chaos, overwork of our beautiful internal systems, illness, disease and premature death.  Our insides become as dark and dusty as that cluttered and cramped antique store. Clogged and dark, soon broken – and we did this to ourselves.

               I challenge you to change this, to liberate your body from this chaos of internal nasty clutter. You have to power and the knowledge and the ability to do so.  What is stopping you from making this change?

               Here is what I recommend if you decide you want to liberate your body – to free it from this clutter and to allow it to be the vibrant, radiant and beautiful body it wants to be.

1.      Begin right now drinking water.  Hydrate yourself.  Allow this water to begin opening the rivers within your body encouraging them to flow throughout your entire system with  life sustaining hydration.

2.      Avoid any processed food.  In the processing, chemicals and toxins are added.  Most of us are not scientists to even understand what these toxins are, much less what they do.  But suffice it to say, our bodies were not created to handle artificial or processed foods.
Most of these foods are in the internal aisles of your supermarket – when you shop, most of the health sustaining foods are on the periphery of the supermarket – hug the walls with your cart!

3.       Please consider a whole food (ie, unprocessed) plant based diet.  Eating sentient beings not only causes damage to your body such as heart disease and cancer, but it darkens your spirit because another living being had to be slaughtered needlessly.  The best foods to sustain us and keep our bodies healthy and vibrant are from plants.  Start with one plant based meal a day, and then one day a week.  The more you get toxins and chemicals out of your system, the more your taste buds will crave these healthy foods.

4.       Eat mindfully.  Be cognizant of everything you put into your body – is it beneficial to your health? Is it chemical and toxin free?  Is it given to you without needless slaughter of another sentient being?  Will it promote your internal energy and health?

These four steps are guaranteed to clear clutter from your body, brighten your spirit, energize your life and bring peace and beauty to you and to the world – one body, one loving action, one beautiful world.

Create Calm Within Chaos – you have the power.

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