Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Goddess is a woman who radiates light. She is magnetic.

We all know people who can walk into a room and fill it with light.  Where does this light come from? What does it take to ignite our own flames so we too can radiate light?

This light, I believe, is the soul spark that unites us all.  It is a divine gift.  We are born with it. 
But like any living gift, it needs to be tended.  Our spark can flicker and become dim.

Out task as keepers of the light is to breathe energy into our souls in order to fan our divine flame. Our breath is what connects us to all of life - it is life itself.  Our breath can open us to the universal flow of energy, light and love.  It fills us with peace, it balances our energies, and it grounds us. 

By consciously keeping our flame alive and vibrant, our human bodies cannot contain the glow.  We are vibrating on a universal energy level and it creates not only a glow, but a radiant light.  This vibration draws others to us - they know they can come near and be safe and loved and honored.  With this beautiful light, we become magnetic and magical.

We use this gift to spread love and peace to our closest friends and around the globe.  We are part of the global transformation - an agent in loving change.  Let your Goddess spark light up the world in loving harmony. 

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