Sunday, January 29, 2012

Declutter Your Heart

The heart, the vibrant center of our bodies rules us in so many ways.  Not only is a healthy heart vital to our well-being, but healthy relationships, often ruled by the heart are necessary to our emotional vibrancy.
Yet, how many of us honor our heart center, much less even acknowledge its importance?

In the last Declutter session we discussed eating a plant based diet as a way to unclutter the physical heart.  Avoid fried foods, foods that have been processed adding chemicals and toxins, and food that is void of nutrients.  Exercise, breathe and celebrate life.  If we do these things, our hearts will be physically healthy.
But what about the emotional care of our hearts?  What kind of clutter and debris to we carry around in our centers that weighs us down and gives us heartache?

Toxic relationships

Let’s talk about ways to liberate our heart from this needless clutter.
Take a grudge for instance.  Carrying a grudge, a resentment, or a wish for revenge is certainly a toxic load.  Holding a grudge is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.  Who are we hurting?  The best revenge is living a wonderful life.  Chances are, the person we are trying to snub has probably gone on with their life and no longer even thinks of the incident.  By holding the grudge, we make ourselves double losers:  first for allowing our self to be wounded by the incident and second, by carrying around the hurt in our heart for so long.  We need to learn how to let go.  Some say, “Let go and let God.”  That’s not a bad way to think about it – another is that the law of Karma will handle it.  Maybe that person, being hurtful, is living their own hell.  Give up your grudge – free yourself from this weight, and put your new found energy toward making your life joyful.

Anger – another heavy toxic load that can actually eat away at our physical body.  If you feel you are carrying anger, take it out and examine it.  Who is the real target of your anger?  Could you be angry at yourself for getting into the hurtful situation.   The Serenity Prayer helps here:  Ask God or the Source to grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Are you angry because you are trying to change something or someone who cannot be changed?  If so, invoke your wisdom and let it go.   If a person has made you angry – pray for them.  You heard me – pray for them.  Why?  Because it helps you to release your anger and soon you not only feel a lighter load, but you feel more loving and heart felt energy in sending healing energy than rather than hateful vibrations.  Don’t cut off your beautiful nose to spite yourself.

Sorrow is a heavy emotion.  It is not toxic if it comes from a true loss, but it is heavy to carry.  If you have experienced a loss, mourn it.  Curl up in bed, pull the covers over your head and weep until you are cried out.  Journal your feelings perhaps.  Share them with a trusted friend or counselor.  If you have lost a loved one to death – look at your life through their eyes.  What would they want you to do?  Often the answer is to life a rich life of joy and happiness.  If so, do it for them until you can do it for you.

Worry happens when we don’t live in the now.  When we live in the moment, that’s where life happens.  There is nothing to worry about in the moment because we are living our reality.  We worry about things that happened in the past, or that will happen in the future.  We have no control over these things.  When you find yourself carrying the worry load, notice it – it is probably past or present.  Acknowledge and dismiss it and bring your focus back to the present moment and live it.  You should feel the lightness of being when you do.

Toxic relationships are “friends” we continue to see even when we allow them to make us feel bad.  Stick up for your wonderful, loving self.  If you feel bad, sad, or mad after spending time with a person, this person is probably toxic for you.  End the relationship.  Surround yourself with friends who enjoy you as you are.  Being alone is better than being with someone who denigrates you.  Do a reality check first, however, to make sure you are not being too sensitive.  But if time and time again, you come away from an encounter feeling less, than you need to end the encounters with this person.  Love yourself and be with those who see and honor your true inner beauty.

Remember, in relationships, we cannot control the other person or what they do.  We can only control our reaction to it or them.  After presented with their action, we have our opportunity to create the response that is in line with our loving heart and with the sacred energy of the world.  Take the high road.  Respond to each encounter with a win/win, or kind and understanding response. 

By taking these steps, we can not only free our hearts from the heavy toxic load we often carry, but we can live in harmony  and beauty.  We can be the light of love and kindness to ourselves, to others around us and to the world.  We have the power to create global peace through our inner healing work.  Let’s do it.

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