Sunday, March 1, 2009


This was a quote I ran across this morning. Obviously, as an animal lover, it makes sense to me. But I tried to step out of my world and wonder what the writer was thinking.

Perhaps it allows one to be loved by an unconditional love. This unconditional love opens the heart and frees the soul to soar.

Sometimes loving an animal opens up the oneness of Creation as I look into their souls as fellow travelers on this earthly journey.

Yet maybe it is good just to savor the quote and not over-think it. And so I will.

One other thought I learned when I first started truly living with dogs, and not just owning a pet (vast difference) is that to live with a dog, we as humans need to become more dog-like, and they, as dogs need to become more human, and somewhere along this spectrum we meet, learn, share, love and promote each other. (It works for cats too!) Not that I am going to lift my leg on a fire hydrant on our walk, but I do get into their play and their moods, and love on their level at times, just as they do for me.

ps -- anyone without a dog need to awaken their soul? We have extras -- needing a lap and lots of unconditional love.

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