Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Sacred Dog Walking Moment

Ahhh, inhale...... deeply and slowly.........then, gently exhale.

The air is sweet and rich. A solitary luminary lights the twilight sky as the scent of orange blossoms lend intoxication to the tropical air. Pluck a vine ripened strawberry along the walk - yum. The feel of the moist Florida air envelops us as we walk.

A Sacred Dog Walking Moment.
We are One with the divine energy of the universe.

And of course, there is the duality that reminds me of the totality of Creation. The sound of Harleys vibrating down the street, and the inevitable plastic pick up bags to make the walk safer for others as the dogs pass by. And the pup's back-scratch, a wise atavistic move to cover their scent, but a nuisance when I am stooping over to the plastic pluck of poo and get back-scratched leaves, grass and dirt right in the face. Ugh.

But duality makes the universe, and my life, rich and vibrant, with depth and meaning.

Wishing you all a peaceful slumber.
Shalom and erev tov.

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