Thursday, March 5, 2009


Light follows dark.
I pray that these things never end.

This was my thought this morning while walking with the dogs -- the delicious morning breeze blowing after a particularly difficult night.* And I sang to myself, the words of one of my favorite songs, a poem by Hannah Senech:

Eli, Eli --- My God, My God

I pray that these things never end:
The sand and the sea

The rustle of the water
The lightning in the sky

And as I walked, I remembered a congregant who was so upset that we played this song for her anniversary -- she said it was a "Holocaust Song" and not appropriate for joyful times.

And yet, for me, it is one of the most precious songs of hope and an affirmation of the continuity of life. It is a song of hope for the endurance of love and life and the beauty of nature.

During the darkest of times, such as the Holocaust, Hannah, who was executed by a firing squad, holding a candle and asking to be unblindfolded, so she could look her executioners in the eye and show that her flame never wavered -- believed in the cleansing beauty of nature.

As we go through these challenging times - economics and finances lead the way, but I think the ripple effect of the challenges is touching all of us more deeply than money -- let us find solace in the duality of cycles -- and pray that morning will always follow night, light to follow darkness, and rainbows to light the sky after scary storms......let us pray that these things never end.

* and for my loving friends who read this blog and then worry about me, worry not, or at least, worry just a little. My beloved was hospitalized earlier than anticipated yesterday, and after several days of battling pain and its effects with him, I went to my job as hospital chaplain and had a night of trauma and code blues. Yet, I awoke to the beauty of the morning. Eli, Eli.

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