Sunday, March 8, 2009


Not that I profess to be a prophet, but hopefully the beginnings of a biblical scholar, and no where do I see any indication from our sacred text that we need to mess with our clocks twice a year.

Well, actually, I do.....the biblical provisions for leap months (like leap years) so if one wanted to advocate such foolishness as clock changing, I reckon they could get argument from these passages of how time needs to fit into a calendar.

Suffice it to say - I really, really, really, do not like this day. Really. I only put up with it:
a. because I have to, and
b. because I love, love, love the extra hour I gain on the Fall Back With Fall Day. If one needs to mess with clocks -- this day should be declared a holiday of celebration. An extra hour of life, of sleep, of exploration, of whatever. What greater gift?!

But steal an hour from me, and I will be out of sorts (and yes, somewhat crabby) all day.

And yet, crabby though I was when I awoke late anyway, and then remembered I had to add an extra hour to my lateness, all it took was to step out in nature, sneezing at the pollen in the air, and enjoying the beauty of another day of life.

Yes, certainly Abraham Joshua Heschel was correct when he said that although the Divine is everywhere, we often need moments in nature to smack us into Godness or Aha moments.

I thought of this the other day when I was hurrying to the hospital to visit my beloved, and yes, I was indeed speeding. I was driving through a bad part of town, and focused on my mission instead of the Now-ness of the Moment.

Fortunately, the angels in my car turned my head for one brief moment, to catch the sight of two mixed breed pups (pug-beagle mix is my guess) sitting on a front porch in a beam of sunlight, happy and content, just enjoying their sunspot.

Immediately, the hurry-focus left me, and the divine joy returned. AHHH - the joy of these old dogs sitting contently in their sun beam. I had a smile in my heart and on my face, and remembered to find the divine all around me. It took one second to see this precious sight - one second to change my mood from the intensity of "hurry" to the joy of sharing creation with these pups. And yes, I believe my angels turned my head, why else would I glance to that particular porch at that particular moment in time, just in time to see these two pups in their sun beam.

Moments in Nature to God-Smack us back to the Oneness and Beauty of Creation. Yepper.

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