Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Outside and Play -- TODAY!

When was the last time you went outside to play?
When was the last time you played, period.

Is play only for children?
What about the child within us --- it needs to go out to play -- it needs to come out to play.

As I walk my dogs around the block - I am blessed that on the first leg of my walk a creative adult with a rambunctious inner child painted a delightful hop scotch on the side walk with fun paintings in each block. I admit to hopping the boxes as I walk over it. I wonder how many other people do that?

And on the last stretch of our walk, a kid who loves her pogo stick, even the squeak of it (she routinely declines offers from some curmudgeons for WD40 saying "I like it this way") has drawn a chalk hop scotch on her sidewalk with reminders to "play" - "jump" - "giggle" - "hop" -- all in different colors.

These reminders brighten my day and bring out the kid in me.
Maybe as we grow up -- we need to be reminded that it is okay to play.

Next time you walk your dog (and if you don't have one, let me know, I'll get you one) - why not wag your tail -- shake your groove thing? Really, why not? Because someone might think you are silly? So what?

If you don't have a dog -- just go outside and do something that makes you laugh. Act like no one is looking and do the chicken dance. (and then hope that no one was looking.) All right -- do the chicken dance in the privacy of your own home - it is still funny.

A man with a long commute used to try to think of something fun or funny to do each day -- his best was the day he glued his coffee cup to the roof of his car just over the driver's door. He watched all the people honking and pointing and gesturing to him about his cup. Maybe he gave them a laugh too.

My former law partner, Gloria, when we would ride together and she was driving, would roll down the window on my side at a stop light and say, "Hey Annie, get to know your neighbor." I, of course, would turn my head as the window rolled down, which would typically have my stop light neighbor turn to look at me -- and with a "why not?" - I would wave or shout "good morning" and many times, my stop sign neighbor would smile and wave back. And many times they would look disgusted and hurry away.

But we had a good laugh, and most folks did too.

Take a moment and ponder: what can you do to give yourself an honest belly laugh?
Belly laughing is proven to improve our health -- both physical and emotional.
I dare you -- find a way (a movie, a joke, a funny walk, a greeting for your newest best friend) to laugh -- and play.

Just for today (mark your calendar) --- PLAY!!!

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