Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seize the Day!! vs. Share the Day!!

Can we both seize and share the same day?

This morning I saddled up the laptop and my coffee to head down to the bay to sit on "my" bench and write, while enjoying the early sun, the bay breezes and the sounds of the world waking up.

As I stepped onto the verandah, I was hit with a sound blast of noise so loud it almost blew me back into the house. What was all this noise?

To be honest - I don't know which event was scheduled for St. Pete this weekend - and I don't need to know because whether it is the Grand Prix of car racing or some sort of speedboat racing -- it is too noisy for me to go out and share the day. My day has been seized by noise, power, speed and fumes.

And I wonder -- how can this day be shared when it has been seized? When I seize the day, I trouble no one except maybe a person who wants to claim "my" bench as "their" bench -- but the bench is big enough for both of us.

I think this day has been stolen from those folks who enjoy the sounds and smells and peace of nature. I can still hear the rumbling of the engines from within my walls as I now write at my kitchen table waiting for the cinnamon buns to come out of the oven -- (some sensory things have been salvaged).

Why the love for such noise?

Have you ever sat at a traffic light with the pounding of the bass from a nearby car blaring music for all the world to hear? Does he (typically, but not always) think we like this music and just wants to share the experience? I don't mind exposure to new types of music and might even enjoy sharing another's music - but the thump, thump, thump is so painful to my ears and body that I think I will be knocked unconscious before the light changes!

And yet, sometimes when I pull up to a light, and the nearby car has windows down and music playing, I do indeed smile to share that moment with my "stop light neighbor." Sometimes it is a manly man listening to classical music that will make me smile; or just the lyrics of a song I have not heard. But if the windows were rolled up, the moment would be private and no harm is done by gentle melodies or snippets of sound.

Remember when smoking was allowed in restaurants? The smoker's seized the restaurant, the room could not be shared with non-smokers. Unpicked up dog poo -- some things should not be shared; cigarette butts strewn in nature - don't share.

Do I have a solution to the seize vs. share dilemma? No. My love of peace, quiet, natural sounds and smells is mine only -- I can share it, but it can be seized by someone who loves noise, pollution, careless use of resources - and yet, I admit their right to their enjoyment of the day.

I shall retreat to my office, a sacred space for me, and spend this day with my nose in books, listening to my favorite melodies, savoring my coffee from Sumatra and find peace within myself and my space. (and yes, the cinnamon rolls are ready.)

Go forth in respect, peace, and love -- and share this day as best you can.

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jandismall said...

Another wonderfully thoughtful post, Ann. You put words to the feelings I've had many times. If only some of those stinky, noisy people could read what you've written...

The cinnamon buns sound delicious! Someday there will be Smell-O-Blog and we can "share" the delightful aroma with you.