Friday, December 26, 2008


We have all packed up to leave the house for work, gathered all of our things, found the car keys, and stepped out the door only to be drenched in pouring rain, suffocated by summer heat in Florida, or hit by icy winds up north. And then, often, our day is ruined.

A mantra that I have added to my leaving the house routine..
Well, the first mantra is: "have you seen my car keys"
But once I get everything together, I begin by saying (aloud in my case, regardless of who can hear me): What a beautiful day! Boy, this is certainly a beautiful day. Yes indeed, a beautiful day awaits me......
and I say it as I step outside the door.
Then, whatever I find when I step out will indeed be beautiful.

I try to spend a moment in awe of whatever beauty awaits me -- even rain if it is not torrential. And if it is the latter, I will spend my awe moment in the car before I crank her up.

And in that awe moment, I try to thank the universe for giving us: (fill in the blank)
...the rain to nourish the earth
...the sun to warm our spirits
...the fog to let us know that there is wonder in mystery
...the feel of ice/sun/rain/wind to let us know that we are alive and the universe has given us these blessings.

And then I am ready to go out into the world, savoring yet another day of beauty.

And for my Jewish friends: Shabbat Shalom
(I won't be posting on Shabbat, but will be back on Sunday)

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