Sunday, December 28, 2008


Physicists have discovered that all of matter shareS a common element or quark (or in my case, a quirk.) Kabbalists translate this to say that all of matter contains a Godspark, or Godness.

I was working on a funeral this morning, and came to the "dust to dust" part of the liturgy, and recalled a reading we shared yesterday during our Torah Study, written by Rabbi Goldie Milgram teaching us that perhaps instead of dust, as in from the earth, we are made of Stardust. So from Stardust we come -- to Stardust we go.

As you go through your day -- consider that instead of being crafted from dust, you are indeed: Stardust.

Go forth and let your beautiful self shine--with the light of stardust aglow from your heart.

This is the last night of Hanukkah - so tonight we light the last of the eight candles. In Venice, Florida, the Jewish Center of Venice hosts a living Menorah where each child holds one of the eight lights.

In Proverbs 27 we read that we, as humans, are each a living candle of the divine.
So if you need another "go forth" thought -- go forth today - ablaze with light from your stardust, from your Godness and Godsparks, and from the light from your divine flame. Set the world aglow with loving kindness! And see how good you feel.
(if it feels that good -- do it again tomorrow!)

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