Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is not my original writing, bur something I read, which I find inspirational.

We don't celebrate this holiday by pouring oil into a container and watching it burn for eight days.

Instead, we light one candle.
And when that burns out, we come back the next
night and light two candles.
And when they burn out, we come back again and

light three candles..and four.and five.and six...and so on.

I want to wish
every one of you who is suffering, who has experienced loss or pain or
heartache or illness, that this year Chanukah will bring light back into
your life.

I bless you that when life knocks you down, you will get up the
next morning twice as strong.

When it knocks you down again, get up the
next morning three times as strong!

I wish this for you as individuals,
and for the Jewish nation as a whole, wherever our people may be.

And for my non-Jewish friends, tonight I will light a menorah for you - may you be blessed with peace during this season.

we come from all colors but we share the same spark of light.

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deerdancer22 said...

How beautiful! Thank you!