Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The conclusion of yesterday's blog post got me thinking about the metaphor of people as crayons. The concept of a box, as you can imagine, leads me to only one conclusion: GET OUT OF IT! At this stage of my life, I am so Out of the Box, that I have lost the lid, and it gets harder to scramble back in when appropriate. (and when is it appropriate: that's a whole 'nother issue! smile)

So here's my thinking on this metaphor. We, inhabitants of this incredible planet, are indeed like the largest box of Crayola crayons: all bright and beautiful colors, with fancy names. And as we stand together in our box, we represent the peaceful, messianic view of the world -- we are proud to stand together in peace. We peacefully, and respectfully share our box with each other. And yet:

Consider the absolute magic when we are dumped out of the box, as we were at creation. Think of the colors we can blend together, the beautiful pictures we can draw, the delicious scribbles we can make - each of us adding out own special color to the picture.

And even as we age, and our paper wrappers wear away, and our points are no longer sharp -- we are still vital in making our mark on the painting. Right down to the last little piece of crayon -- we make our mark until we are visible no longer.

Let us make part of our sacred practice, the art of seeing the beauty (or godness) in each and every crayon we meet. Let us imagine the awe and joy of working together -- every color, every exotic name we carry, whether new or tattered - to make joyful and sacred works of art.

This is my wish for us -- from this moment forward. To recognize and salute the divine within each other -- every other -- so that we can STAND IN PEACE TOGETHER AS ONE.

namaste and shalom

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deerdancer22 said...

Thank you oh beautiful special crayon that you are!:>)