Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living the Omer -- In Matters of the Heart

Heart energy is very powerful -- it can uplift us or cause us to crash in despair. If you have any doubts about this area as an energy center, think about what you feel when you lose a loved one, either by death or drama. It's an ache, isn't it? And where do you feel it?

The term heart ache wasn't invented out of thin air -- our hearts truly ache when we are hurt.

An often overlooked, but critical component of loving others is to love oneself first. In a much earlier post (as in a year ago), I discussed the Golden Rule of loving your neighbor as we love ourselves.

If we did that, in most cases, there would be out and out neighborly warfare. Can you imagine treating a neighbor like we treat ourselves: demanding that we work until we drop, eating on the run, putting everything first. Our neighbor would yell: Stop Already! Enough! Let me be!

And so we should tell that to ourselves.
Stop rushing, stop putting others first, stop eating on the run.
Do remember to pause to catch up with yourself.
Do spent time with yourself - savor these moments.
Do remember to nap or sleep.
Do remember to eat healthy and to sit and pause as you eat.
Do recharge, renew, refresh, re-energize yourself -- every day.

Without having our battery strong: we are no good to anyone else.

I am all about serving and loving others -- I would not have been or done or do the things in my life if this were not true. But I know that without good self-care, I cannot support others.

Use the previous Living the Omer posts as guides to some preliminary self care.
Listen to what you say about yourself: is it denigrating or uplifting?
Bless yourself.
Bless your life and its work and its play.
And speaking of play: PLAY! really.

Of course, I think part of loving yourself is sharing your life with a dog who loves you unconditionally. What better self care? I get home from work around 1 a.m., often spent from drama in the trauma unit, and Ruby, my loving mastiff, is too busy snoring and vibrating walls to do more than open one eye in greeting. Lex, my alpha pekeapoo is too self absorbed to notice my arrival. But quirky Ms Maddie Sue, affectionately known as Taco or TocToc, is thrilled at my arrival and wants to cuddle and snuggle and sit at the computer (one of her favorite activities) and watch me type. She is my de-stressor-bunny (albeit, not pink). In the wee small hours of the morning -- she and I love unconditionally and my heart heals.

Another healing thing you can do to your self is to place the palm of your hand on your heart and just hold it there -- whether you are sleeping or sitting up. Healing or loving touch truly has power. I use it, with permission, with upset patients or clients, to help soothe or settle them. I do it with prayers of love and healing. But it works beautifully in a self love, self care fashion. Try it.

So my friends -- today I urge you to practice, practice, practice: loving yourself, soothing yourself, supporting and uplifting yourself. Know that you are loved by an unending energy source of divine spirit. Love yourself until you know that you are loved and valued as the wonderful person you are.

Go forth with love and blessings.

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