Sunday, April 11, 2010

Living the Omer -- Earth Energy

God created the earth for us to inhabit during our earthly lives. The earth is primal, rich, loamy, fertile and foundational. The earth is strong and supportive.

Allow the earth to support your body.

During the days when you find yourself standing or sitting and need a pick me up: put your feet flat on the floor and know that you are being supported by the earth. Know that you are safe. Breathe deeply and feel yourself pulling rich, primal earth energy through your feet into your body.

Be grateful for the earth and its energy and bless it whenever you are walking on it or need its support.

One of my new favorite ways to relax my body at night is to lay down in my bed flat on my back, eyes closed, breathing deeply, and telling my body to:

"Sink into the earth. Trust the earth energy to support you. Allow all parts of my body to let go of any tension or tightness and just sink into the earth."

Then I do a body scan and find out what parts are still tightly clenched. For me, it is normally a shoulder that is an inch off the bed or raised tightly toward my ears. I breathe into the clenched body part and again, urge it to sink into the earth's energy.

By the time I have by body, relaxed, and being gently held, lovingly supported, by earth's energy, divinely created energy, I am slipping into slumber.

Work with earth energy during your next days. As you sit, stand, or lay -- allow the earth's energy to support you, to lovingly hold you. Breathe the energy into your body and picture it revitalizing your own energy.

How beautiful is this thankful and receive it.....savor it and relax into are One with the Earth. Shalom, salaam, shanti, namaste.

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