Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Living the Omer

Hag Sameach -- Happy Passover!

I am not foolish enough to promise you daily "counting the omer" meditations during this period. Why? "know thyself." My count from one to sixty would be anything but linear.

But rather than a daily count -- how about some ideas as to living with what Jewish folks are counting?

Today's thought is:

Your body, don't leave home without it.

To which you might respond, "Have you lost your mind?"

To which I would respond, "This will help you not only find your mind.....but connect it to your body."

Let me ask you this: As you leave your house each day, how conscious are you as you dress, eat, gather your things, drive to your destination -- do you even know how you got to work?

If you are like most of us, your mind is full of playful and devious monkeys, chattering away at all of the things you must do, should do, outta do; all of the worries you are carrying from the past and new ones you are making up for the future; and you move from point A to B, barely aware of how you journeyed.

If this is you, let me suggest some ways to re-connect your mind, body and spirit so that you can live fully, savoring each moment, each breath, each step.

Today, I want you to be in your body.

Feel as your feet touch the floor -- do you feel the energy of the earth supporting you? Each step, you are being supported by earth energy. Are you aware of your steps?

Straighten up! This is not your mother talking -- but how many times do we schlump around with our beautiful bodies all curled up -- straighten up your spine and feel the energy flow as you elongate your body.

Put your shoulders where they belong -- not snug up around your ears, nor hollowed forward -- but nice and square where they were designed to be.

Now breathe -- can't you breathe better standing up straight with your feet pulling up vibrant earth energy into your body?

During the day -- FEEL YOUR BODY.

If you are driving -- what does the steering wheel feel like in your hands? Are you gripping it?
Are you sitting up straight in the car? (yes, mother.)

If you are in a lounge chair glued to the tube (another lesson for another time) - just feel your body -- do a body scan. Have you released all of your tensions? Are you holding parts of your body too tightly?

Does your body hurt anywhere? Is it tight and stiff anywhere? Are your breaths shallow?

For this next time period -- be with your body.
Be aware of how it works -- or when it doesn't.
Be aware of how it feels - or where it hurts.

Walk consciously -- feel each foot as it touches down.
Sit with awareness -- straighten your spin, put your feet flat on the floor. What does this feel like?
When you lay down in bed tonight -- feel your bed supporting your body. Do a body scan of each part of your body and notice where you are tight or tense. Breathe.

Each of our bodies is a gift to house our spirit -- let us not take this precious gift forgranted. Breathe it, dance it, soothe it.

Be aware of your body --- don't leave home without it.

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Jan said...

Ahhhhhhh (deep breath out)...lovely post, Ann! As I read it I relaxed and I could "hear" your voice saying those valuable words. In fact, I'd love to have a CD or MP3 of you saying those words...a mindful be-in-your-body meditation.

I'll bet others would like that too. Something more for you to do in, you know, your spare time (ha-ha!)