Friday, March 13, 2009


Don't listen to the financial pundits, listen to your very own Nature Rabbi, who wouldn't dare lead you astray.....well, maybe lose you in the woods, but never actually astray.

Yesterday, as a part of my renewed spiritual/emotional/physical healing, I made a decision to invest in my own personal retirement fund and my fund is a 401K. I am the fund manager, of course. No risk and the dividends will be great.

Here is how this came about: I was having breakfast with my think-tank: Entheos Amigas, and mentioned that I had no retirement fund, so I needed to find employment that I could count on so I could work, and hopefully enjoy it, until the day I transitioned (translate: dropped dead in my tracks) One of my Amigas, suggested that one goal could be to invest in my health as a retirement plan.

Actually, the thought had been circling my mind, but sometimes it takes a friend or advisor to bring it to the forefront. So I decided to invest that very day by walking. Step by step, walking 401 kilometers or 249.18 miles. And when I achieve my first investment goal of 401k, then I can begin another 401k and then another. Today when I saddled up Lex (my adventurous Pekeapoo who is lovin' this!) and headed out the door, I yelled to my beloved, "I'm off to make an investment in my 401k account." I imagine he had no clue what the heck I was talking about, but so be it.

Consider the beauty of it -- no one can rob us of our investment; we are the boss of it; it is FREE; and with employment cut backs, most of us have more time and less money, so why not use this time to invest in our own 401k's; and think of the dividends!

Wishing you beauty in your day, moments in nature, and success in building and maintaining your personal 401k funds.

Go forth, step by step, kilometer by kilometer.....

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