Thursday, March 12, 2009


Word is out -- Nature Rabbi bit the dust. Or the dust (dog) bit Nature Rabbi. We (I) need to be aware of our own needs so we can nurture ourselves. I knew I was tired. I knew I was overextended. I knew my battery was runnin' on empty. And I was going to get around to slowing down, or working on ME time, soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe this summer, but soon.

Ahhh, but the universe had other ideas. How about: NOW!
and NOW it is.

Here is the God-Smack: Coming home after a busy day of work (on my day off, I might add), I was tired and missed my foster dog's nose crinkle (which signifies: back off or I will bite) -- and I proceeded toward her, and she bit the heck out of my finger, grabbing the inside of my finger, and yanking it to the outside (I'll spare you the photos). I proceeded, in the wee hours after midnight, to attempt to drive myself to the hospital with blood and tears (I don't think there was sweat) - and hit a center embankment and blew out my tire and tore out some under-body car stuff, and drove home on the rim and went to bed, assuming I would live until morning (which I did.) Since it was my hospital day, I reported to the ER prior to work, with hospital name badge, which facilitated the process. Bandaged, splinted, repaired (well, the car is repaired, I am repairING.)

What have I learned from this, Grasshopper?
Listen. Listen. Shema. (Hebrew for Listen)
Just say NO.
Stop, drop and roll (sorry, kid fire safety lesson popped into my brain, but it would have worked too.)

This is not the first time the universe has hobbled me; once as a busy, board certified, full of myself, trial lawyer, I did not heed the warning signs and I stepped off a curb, on to an acorn and the mighty oak (haha - couldn't resist) was felled. Sidelined with a cast and a walker for 6 weeks.

I just have to love the divine order. Even when we are too busy to Listen -- the universe will give us a cosmic smack that reminds us of what is important.

Does this resonate for you?

And the best dose of medicine -- why of course, NATURE.
Even though my energy is sapped because of the meds for the dog bite -- I am walking more outside; standing outside; sitting outside. There is something so healing about the energy of the natural world. And I am allowing the natural world to heal me.

I know I am fortunate and I am counting this smack as a blessing.

Take a lesson from my God-smack -- do a personal check up? Do you need to go outside and play? If so -- run outside now! Don't put it off.

here comes the ol' duality now.
I remember a time after a particularly aggressive surgery, and in the modern world of medicine I was sent home way too early, carrying my ever-so-fashionable pee bag avec catheter. I limped outside to sit in the sun and it was warm and healing. A felt a luxurious warmth spread over me and for a brief moment, I breathed in health and well being assuming the divine was filling my spirit, only to find out .......(you are already there, aren't you) that my catheter had become detached from the bag and I was peeing on myself. Oh well..... it is life and life it is.

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