Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Once a very spiritual lady said to me that she never prays. I asked her if she talked with God, and she quickly replied: "oh yes, all day long." a prayer.

One of my chaplain buddies consoled a big tough, yet tearful man after he learned of the death of his brother. She said, "I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just sat with him with my hand on his shoulder." a prayer.

Fr. George, one of my chaplain CPE cohorts from India, in an extended version of the above discussion told me that Mother Teresa consoled her nuns who said they were too busy working with patients to pray, by explaining to them that all of their work was prayer: the washing of a wound, the feeding of the sick, the holding of a crying infant --- it was all prayer.

Today, I was thinking about this as I walked my dogs......which in and of itself, is mostly prayer (and a little discipline when they see a squirrel, and a little housekeeping behind them to keep the world a safer place to wander.) But mostly prayer.

What can we do to make our entire lives a prayer?

This is mostly a rhetorical question --- or a question to ponder -- but as soon as I wrote it, my mind shouted:

focus, intention, mindfulness, being present. And most of all: being.

These sound good -- thank you active monkey mind. But let me close again, this time setting an intention, to go forth,

step by step
minute by minute
breath by breath

making our life a prayer.

amen, and let it be so.

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