Friday, February 13, 2009


When I had my law practice, I had a super, beautiful, funny law partner, G. She was a former prosecutor* so she had great trial experience. In order to walk into a courtroom, one has to get "pumped up" or psyched. So before this particular trial, she was in the ladies room, checking her hair, her make-up, looking in the mirror, "Yep - I'm good! I'm the best! I'm ready! Bring it on! Look out world, here I come!"

Out of the ladies room she strutted. Past all of the bailiffs (the testosterone pit) and as she passed them, and began the long walk down the hall to the courtroom, she heard them talking amongst themselves. "They want me," she thought. And some of them began following her down the hall, still "man-talking." She pumped up the strut, "Yep. I am on! I am HOT!"

She walked into a crowded courtroom to begin her case, some of the bailiffs followed. And has she approached her trial table, a female bailiff walked up to her and whispered in her ear, words she and I (and you) should always remember:

"Hon, your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose and your butt is showing."

Let this be our lesson -- no matter how prepared we are, no matter how "under control" a situation seems, no matter how good we think we may be at a particular moment:

Always pause and make sure our BUTT IS NOT SHOWING!!


* G as a prosecutor: I once introduced G to a husband and wife seeking mediation. I said she had great trial and mediation skills since she was a former prosecutor. I saw the husband jolt, and the wife elbowed him in the gut (correct choice of words here) and said, "Prosecutor! NOT prostitute, you idiot!"


deerdancer said...

OMG that happened to me once! My butt has never shown since unless I want it to!:>)

Jack said...

Ha, I remember that story!