Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snuggling With The Breath of Life

First, I might add that I am sitting on the side verandah, in luscious sunlight, laptop indeed on my lap, and surrounded by four precious pups: Ruby, my beautiful red French Mastiff, Lexi, the best, brightest, and most beautiful Pekeapoo, Charlie, a most communicative 30 pound fluffy dog belonging to Leona, and a dainty little foster, a Sheltie named Mini.

Did I mention that I live in a "NO PET - no dogs, no cats, no birds, no gerbils, no gold fish --what part of NO PET don't you understand" abode? When asked about the plethora of 4 legged critters sharing this abode with my beloved, the reply was, "these are not pets, they are compromises." Gotta love him.

Why am I sitting on the lanai, in this luscious sunshine with these beautiful souls?

First - why not? What better place to be?
Second - my beloved wants the house clean today since we are expecting company and that means "no slobber, Ruby," "no toys, Lexi," "no biscuits, Charlie," and "no shedding, Mini." And I go where the dogs go.
And third -- see my last post -- perhaps I am awaiting the flight of a bird of prey to drop another puppy into my care. When a hawk flew over earlier this morning -- I looked up in hope and anticipation with the thought: could a puppy get through the lattice overhead? (I hope I never lose the heart and hopes of a child.)

Okay -- today's post -- is on snuggling with the breath of life.

How many of you like/love to sleep with dogs or cats? (I once slept with my parakeet on cold nights in Chicago -- but it's not the same thing, at least for me.)
For me, the more the merrier. When I had 8 of my own pups, and slept alone -- probably for that reason -- I would have them form a line in front of me when we all hopped into bed. (I had them line up by birth order, but that is a whole 'nother story) and we played the "name game" as I blessed them for sleep. I would say their name, and give them a treat. Each had to wait until their name was called. It is, by the way, a good exercise for multi-dog households.

Anyway -- the joy of sleeping with loads of dogs is not just the playtime before sleep, but the feeling of life -- the breath of life, all during the night, as they would snuggle up and you could feel not only their breath, but the beating of their hearts.

It is the same joy (for me) that I would get when my son was a baby and he would fall asleep on my chest while we laid down together for a nap. Just feeling his heartbeat and his breath -- so full of life.

Now, one could argue that one could snuggle with a beloved -- doing the spoon snug especially -- and feel sacred breath and beating hearts -- and I agree. And so advocate.

But I am also practical (in my whimsy) and also advocate "to thy known self be true." I know I am a rotisserie sleeper -- I like to wiggle all night long -- and I get much less flack wiggling and shifting dogs around, than I would shifting a sleeping beloved. Remember, dogs love you unconditionally -- and one would hope a beloved would too, but after a few sleepless nights, one may be testing the envelope on that one. So it is easier for me to twist, turn and wiggle and toss puppies around the bed -- heck - they don't even wake up, unless they get: a. tossed on the floor, or b. tossed into another pup and then everyone wakes up for a dog tumble of growling. (my worst dog bite was after a midnight dog tussle in the dark.)

Let me give you another suggestion if snuggling with sacred breathers is not your forte.

There is a soothing yoga pose that incorporates this dual energy. Sit on a comfortable surface, back to back with a partner, close your eyes, and just BE. Breathe nice soothing breaths. Focus on your breathing; then on your partner's breathing. And soon, you will not be able to tell your breathing from your partner's. You will be breathing the sacred breath of life as one. Which is the goal of Kabbalah -- unifying all of Creation into One Breath. Here you will have at least two souls united in one breath.

Yah is One.
Shema - Listen.

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