Thursday, February 12, 2009


Story One reminded me of this tale of attitudes.

A king had twin sons, and even though they were young, he decided it was time to choose one to be his successor. Preparations were made to celebrate their tenth birthday. Both boys were thrilled by the festivities and the anticipation. The king sent them off on an errand while he prepared their gift. When the boys returned home, the king said they could look for their special gift and suggested they begin in their bedrooms.

The first son ran into his bedroom and came back shortly stomping with anger: "Yuck, Gag! Someone broke into my room and there is poo everywhere. The place stinks! Who could have done such a foul thing! Off with his head! Find him and punish him! What a terrible birthday!"

And then the second son appeared, elated and joyful: "Father, I can't believe it. There is so much poo in my room, there must be a pony somewhere!! Thank you, thank you!.

Since the story ends happily ever after, you know who the king picked as his replacement.

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