Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Many years ago, shortly after the demise of the dinosaurs, when my son was six, he had a buddy who lived next door to us. One day, as 6 year old buddies will do, they had a fight with name calling, minor fisticuffs, and each trotted back angry to their respective homes. After about an hour, Jack, my son, decided to go next door and try to make amends with his buddy, Mark. He was back in a few minutes -- Mark was still steamed and would have nothing to do with Jack's olive branch.

The next day, Jack found a note with his name on it on the front porch. It was from Mark. Jack opened the note and looked puzzled. He showed it to me and asked what it meant. The note said:

"Jack, you are a God Spot."

Fortunately for Jack, I did not break out into a theological discussion about the God Spots (or sparks) within all Creation. Fortunately for Jack, my childhood was spent waiting to talk to my parents who were fixed or fixated in front of the television (eating their dinner on TV trays) with glued attention to such shows as Jeopardy. (To this day, my brother and I are not television watchers as a result.)

So with sage wisdom of a Jeopardy Junkie, I enlightened him:
"Jack, you are a Good Sport."

Twenty years later, this note still sticks in my mind -- obviously, or I would not be sharing it on this blog. I like Mark's original note. A Good Sport is truly a God Spot.

Let us go forth today, spotted with Godness as we make our way through these crazy times. Let us all be God Spots.

small print: it was the same bratty Mark who, when I told him it was time to go home after a day of play since it was our supper time, said to me, "I don't have to go home, it's raining." My reply: I went to the kitchen, cut a hole in a large leaf bag, came up to him and stuffed the leaf bag over him so only his head plopped out. And said, "Yes you do, now run home." Oops -- I lost my God Spots on that one, as well as my Mother of the Year award. Do I get credit for at least cutting the opening in the bag for his head?

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jillaurie crane said...

Yes lots of God spots all over the place!