Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's a beautiful day for a bike ride. Oh wait.....I can't ride a bike! This would have been my reply a year ago, but not now.

Several years ago, probably at age 56, I decided I was the barrier to my own self. I set up limits of what I thought I could or could not do. So I made a list of all of the things I told myself throughout my history that I can't do. I recall three of those things well:

I can't swim.
I can't ride a bike.
I can't sing.

My friend Jan Small and I contacted a Total Immersion Swim Coach, Kim (the one mentioned in the blog post below with the missing month of January) and now I swim like a manatee. Swimming was her gift to me. The manatee part was my personal adaptation to swimming -- she gets credit for the former, and I'll take full responsibility for the manatee moves. Smooth, leisurely -- savoring the underwater experience. (Photos below if you have the patience to scroll to the near bottom of this blog -- and if you do, use your energy to go outside and play instead -- me in a swimming suit may not be worth wear and tear on your scroll button)

And thanks to Kim -- I can and do ride my bike -- not yet skillfully, but I don't weeble wobble on the bike nor topple over on a regular basis. I still stick out my legs for balance when I apply the breaks -- but again, I am up and riding along the beautiful bay in St. Petersburg, Florida. Thank you, Ms. Kim.

Singing has yet to be conquered. But, the jury is still out -- or as they say in the Opera, "the fat lady has not sung" - to which at this stage in my fitness, I take some degree of offense on one side, and noting duality, some degree of responsibility. When I sing -- I hope to be the FIT lady. I think I need a singing coach for this one too. Kim: do you sing?

Do you harbor any self-imposed "I can't" limitations? What would happen if you actually removed some of your self-imposed limitations and allowed yourself freedom to fly? or swim? or live fully and with gusto?

I say: GO FOR IT! Live Life with Vibrancy, Gusto, Enthusiasm --- Ride those Wild Winds as you Soar with Eagles (rather than chicken pecking in the hen house) Okay enough word play -- off to actually ride my bike, and then bathe a bunch of dogs. It truly is a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

with blessings.........

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