Sunday, January 25, 2009


Did you feel liberated just thinking about: Splendidly Imperfect.
We are what we are -- and making mistakes is certainly part of our human life.
When I make a blunder, I often say, "Only God is perfect and I don't want to compete."

Do you ever get your paints, crayons, or inks out to create, and then pull yourself back because it needs to be a masterpiece? If so -- begin by scribbling as fast as you can. Warm up your creative muse so she can take over your inks and make art.

We each can (and should) create ourselves as works of art.

Do you feel playful today? Check out the luscious, madly frivolous, playful, energizing and splendidly imperfect:

I began my lazy morning (yes, I passed up a trip to Home Depot with my beloved -- imagine his shock, that I would rather laze around with the dogs, a cup of coffee, and miss the thrill of a Sunday morning at H.D.) reading one of Sark's books:

Eat Mangoes Naked.

One of the juicy drippings of this book is on pleasure:

"Joy and Pleasure really can be our escorts through painful times if we let them. We need to realize the necessity of pleasure, not the luxury of it."

Another juicy mango drip:

" I frequently forget about pleasure. It is easy to become consumed by WORK and DOING. Where is the pleasure?

Pleasure can be so elusive, momentary and serendipitous. We can chase it away by trying to plan it, grab it, clutch it or orchestrate it. We can dance through our lives and still be "responsible." We can dive deeply into our challenges and still chortle with glee. Let's loosen our clothes and practice illuminated decadence and conscious luxury.

Let's live more in pleasure and bring pleasure to others. Pleasure can escort us safely through very difficult times and give our spirits a place to heal. Pleasure and joy invite our best selves out to play and quiet our critical voices. They give us a much needed place to creatively refill. Then we can truly help others"

Now I am off to live my delicious, yummy Sunday. To do some wonderfully challenging work (studying the book of Psalms), and some gratifying and inspirational giving (I am doing chaplaincy internship on the night shift at Tampa General Hospital tonight) -- and luscious play with my pups, belly scratching and toy tossing. My beloved is also hoping to get some time on the beach which is scrumptiously a block from our house. Yum, yum, yum. I will have to remind myself that me in a bathing suit is Splendidly Imperfect.

And if you want to know why I wrote this blog post in colors -- you must check out the website of Planet Sark above -- it is a playground of fun!

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