Thursday, January 1, 2009


One -- the first day of January. One day.
One -- not necessarily "the loneliest number that there ever was." (song lyrics)
One -- the Divine is One

In Deuteronomy we are told: Adonai is One. Meaning the Lord is One. This is the bedrock of the Jewish faith, and monotheism. Placed in the context of pagan and polytheistic cultures, this is a bold proclamation.

But let's look deeper into this ancient wisdom -- the Divine is One, God is One -- however you translate it, perhaps our ancestors were trying to tell us that One is a number of unity, and that all things are connected in the Oneness of the world. If it were just a monotheistic statement, they could have said: "there is only One God."

Scientists and Kabbalists are in agreement these days about the interconnectedness of the universe and its inhabitants. Scientists call the material "quarks" (or maybe something else - quarks are as far as this quirkie blonde rabbi has gone with physics lessons so far); and Kabbalists call the material "Godsparks."

In Eastern religions, the word Namaste means "the divine within me recognizes and honors the divine within you." Can you imagine the state of the world if everyone of us practiced this Oneness?

Today as we go forth into the world -- focus on One. The Oneness of every creation; the unity of Oneness. Focus on how we can build bridges of Oneness and not barriers.

One is truly NOT "the loneliest number that there ever was," but the most loving and connecting intention there could ever be.

Let us go forth as ONE.
May your day be filled with blessings and peace.

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