Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Isn't it odd that we choose to gather time into bundles, and celebrate the passages of each bundle?

For example, today and tomorrow are not much different from each other, but today represents the 2008 bundle of things we want to pack up and store away, and tomorrow is part of the 2009 bundle that we want to set on a pedestal as a day to begin hope, and change, and a better life.

Same with our birthdays. We don't end our past year looking younger and wake up on the morning of our new year looking older. All we have is another day of experiences. But otherwise, day follows day.

Perhaps we would do better making smaller time bundles. For Jews, a natural bundle is six days, and then a day for reflection and renewal. For spiritual seekers, the time bundle is the moment.

As we face 2009 with fear and hope swirling around in our beings, let's see if we can make a drastic change in our secular New Years Resolutions.

Change our time bundles.

Many people use the "mantra" -- JUST FOR TODAY.

Perhaps this one will work for you. Do you want to lose weight, or go on a tight budget, or learn a new language, or stop smoking?


Take a look at the things you would like to (or have to) change. Instead of making grandiose resolutions, which may last until this weekend, what if you take one change......yes, I said ONE change, and do it JUST FOR TODAY.

Heck - if it works out, when you wake up the next day, do it again!
And so what if you take a day off - start a new time bundle and make your changes JUST FOR TODAY again.

As Walt Disney once said: Always be in a state of becoming.

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deerdancer22 said...

Bundles of time used to go with the seasons. I like those best. The solstice means more to me than the new year. Have you noticed the days getting longer.

And the rhythm of Shabbat, as you said, is a beautiful and powerful bundle.

Tonight I am going to a slightly unbundled bundle, a London New Year's Eve. We celebrate at 7 PM for those of us who don't like to stay up!:>)