Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lifelong Student?

I marvel at all there is to learn.  We use so little of our brain, yet what an awesome and powerful organ it is.  I began thinking about this post as a way to describe myself and others: are we lifelong students? Or students of a long life? Or merely students of life? 

I am one of those folks who love to learn, to take classes, to study and teach.  It is either a passion or an obsession or a combination of both.  I recall the year I rented my bedroom to a friend from England and I slept in my study.  I call that the year of no sleep.  As I lay on my futon, I would gaze at my library and be drawn to this book, or that, or maybe another, and find myself reading the night away.

They say (those wise "they's") that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.  I firmly believe in this.  Let me share an example in my most recent learning journey as a transformational author. I love the synchronicity, the "coincidences", the miracles or better yet, how my Spirit Guides are orchestrating this.

Earlier this year, I felt I had achieved all of my goals.  I was 60 and felt like I was in my kayak adrift without a paddle.  Oh sure - it was lovely, my life was beautiful, but as one who always had a goal or direction, I was just afloat in a beautiful life.

I decided to use a career coach and was referred to Colleen Phillips, of Pieces to Profits.  We examined all of the things I love to do: make jewelry, cook vegan food, write, rescue dogs and decided that I should focus primarily on one thing, and that one thing we decided, should be my writing.  Cool.  Okay.  Write.  Hmm.  Now what?  I've been writing all my life.  How to I harness this energy into a productive vehicle?

I came home and as I am going through my emails, there is an email from Christine Kloser, The Transformational Author Coach offering a writing program of teaching, coaching, and a contest to win a publishing contract.  The price was more than I was comfortable with, living on the low end of the economic food chain (hospitals must think chaplains take a vow of poverty).  But if felt too right to ignore.  It was there when I was looking for an way to launch and I trusted my intuition and my Spirit Guides and jumped in.

During this time period, I worked on an old book, The Sacred Art of Dog Walking and entered it in the contest.  It didn't win, but the book  is still important to me, however as you will see, I had to backburner its publication date because two more wonderful things happened.  I became part of select group of 40 transformational authors from around the world; we each entered our story of brokenness to wholeness to Christine's project.  The result:  Pebbles in the Pond, an inspiring and uplifting book which will have its global launch on May 20, 2012.

And from Spirit's guidance, during my recent transAtlantic cruise, I wrote a book called Living with Spirit Energy.  It is now with my editor and our launch date is September of 2012.  When these two works get launched and in orbit, I can resurrect The Sacred Art of Dog Walking and finally release it to spiritual dog lovers of the world.

But the miracles continue - or the student is here and the teacher shows up.  Last night as I lay in bed, before I did my meditative work, I thought: "my Spirit Energy work really needs another media - a teleseminar.  How the heck is this old techno-dinosaur going to figure out the logistics and mechanics of a teleseminar.  Oh well."   I had my iPad (yes, I sleep with my iPad) and decided to check my email.  Christine Kloser sent out a recording of an interview with a Teleseminar Coach, Bill Baren and he was offering 50% off on his seminar on the "how-to's" of teleseminars.  I was laughing so hard I had to get out of bed. 

Just think it and the way opens.  Spirit Energy is such an incredible force - when we allow it to guide us, all of the answers become apparent.  Sometimes in my life, it took months, even years, before I understood the guidance of my Spirit Guides, but lately, I no sooner get the idea formed and BAM - a door opens.

My literary journey has been a wild ride -- blessed and guided - but wild and exciting.  Teachers and Coaches showing up, doors opening, new friends from around the globe, many ideas screaming to be birthed on paper.  I am grateful for every single blessing and all that it took to get me here -- as I continue my journey as a student of life.

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Kim Burnham said...

A friend of mine says, "Act as if you are the universe's favorite. Who knows?
Thanks Ann for reminding us of the blessing of being in the right place at the right time.