Friday, December 16, 2011

A Goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself.

We have a treasure trove of power and energy stored within our earth bodies.  We get these treasures directly from the Source, from our spiritual connection with the Oneness that unites all beings and all things. 

Yet sometimes our earth bodies get tired.  We run them ragged, forget to fuel them, and demand much, giving them little.  No wonder we wear out.

When this happens, know that if you STOP, BREATHE, and VISUALIZE this divine power and energy within, you can stoke up your internal flame and re-energize your body. You will find the fuel to complete your task.  Then reward your body with a diet rich in plant-based nutrients, life sustaining water, and sweet sleep.  You deserve this.

We have so much more than this ability to re-energize our body. 

We also have the power, within ourselves - to continue to create ourselves (or re-create ourselves) and in doing so, continue to create the life we want to live.

It is all within us - everything we need.  From this internal treasure trove, we can pull up love, compassion, creation, empathy - so much goodness.  And in doing so, our inner Goddess emerges and we can share this love with everyone we meet.  It can be so vibrant that the world is better for our very being.  And for that, we give thanks.

We merely have to tap into the Source of our spirit and ask for what we need; and trust that it will be provided. 

It is all good; we are all One.  

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