Friday, September 10, 2010

A Poem for A New Year


We enter a new year, each year
As if we were entering a new home

We pass over a threshold in time,
Through new doors, to a new life

The year that is past casts a shadow,
A shadow of nostalgia and memory

Yet as spirits soar, and optimism
Lights the new rooms of life

The twelve-month house of life
To come seems bright and cheery

We pray for portals of peace,
We ask for windows of serenity

We petition for beams of security
We hope for light and health

May our prayers be answered,
May our New Home, our New Year be
Strong, alive and full of love.

by Rabbi Sylvan D. Kamens

and may we be blessed with clarity, balance, harmony along with our prayers for peace and love, light and laughter. shalom
Reb Ann

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