Monday, April 5, 2010

Living the Omer -- Guard what comes out of your mouth

Greetings my spiritual seeking friends.

In our next exercise, focused on a mind, body, spirit practice, and being with body awareness (see posts below):

become aware of what comes out of your mouth.

Listen to yourself. Really. Listen to what you have to say. Listen for an entire day.

Do your words bring joy, or peace or smiles to those around you?
Do you find yourself complaining often?
Or talking about someone behind their back in ways that could be hurtful (in other words, are you spreading gossip?!)

I am not advocating being a Good Two Shoes. There are times to complain or constructively criticize something. But if you find yourself in a constant constructively criticizing mode -- pull over off the highway of life and look inside yourself!! What is bothering you?

I am amazed at folks who try to run other people's lives. Isn't running our own life truly a full time job?

For my word guard radar, I have a 1-2-3 rule. When I hear the first negative or critical comment coming out of my mouth, I let it go. After all, there are times when life has its negativity that can and should be commented upon. When I hear the second negative or critical comment spewing forth, I hoist my radar screen: is this a necessary comment, or is it something within me that needs fixing. And when I hear the third -- I time out myself and figure out what is bugging ME.

Another practice is to find joyful or just plain nice things to say to people you meet. Everyone enjoys a true compliment. Does their smile brighten your day? Did they just do something (like pick up a piece of trash) that makes the world better for all of us? Sometimes a thank you for doing a job well done: a cop working traffic, a custodian sweeping a building, a cheerful cashier. Why not try to brighten someone's day? If feels good to do so and will brighten yours as well.

Today -- listen to yourself -- what energy is coming out of your mouth?

many blessings for beauty and joy in the day.

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