Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living in the Moment - a Burden or a Dance of the Soul

Enough about chickens... although my chicken is very plucky and is always hatching mischief!

I was pondering the philosophies of both Eckhart Tolle and Thomas Moore regarding living in the now or the moment during this last moments.

Thomas Moore resonated with me in his sentiments about allowing the soul the freedom to dance to its own music, wherever it takes us. He writes:

Accustomed to control, we forget that our physical and emotional life is musical, with all sorts of sensations, fantasies and feelings coming and going like the flighty motifs of fugues, sonatas, and canons.

Estranged from the music of our own lives, we endure our ordinary days with existential anxiety. We worry about the past and anticipate the future, all the while overlooking the season of the moment. If we were to embrace the past without excessive judgment and calmly step, not leap, into the future, we might feel the vitality of the all embracing soul.

Being present to the life that presses upon us does not mean simply being alert and full of consciousness. Surrendering to a daydream or a memory may be a way of being engaged with the present. Drifting into a reverie might bring us to the full immediacy of the moment, which may be properly focused on invisible things. .....

These visitations are entirely different from the ego's anxious attempts to resolve the past or control the future. They are more like a summer's week on a beach, a way to get away and find a fresh perspective.

Living in the moment can become a moralistic principle, a burden rather than a way to intensify life. The difference might depend on who takes the lead in the dance and who chooses the music.

Thoughts to savor.... may we often allow our soul the pleasure of leading the dance and choosing the music.

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