Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prayer into Action

"Looking inward, I see that there is in me a yearning to use my gifts for the well-being of those around me.

Renew my vision, O God; give meaning to my life and substance to my hopes; help me understand those about me and fill me with the desire to serve them. Let me remember that I depend on them as they depend on me; quicken my heart and hand to reach for them, and teach me to make my words of prayer fruitful by deeds of loving-kindness."

I read this thought by Chaim Stern as I was bundled in sweaters and wraps, even wearing SOCKS!, snuggling on the sofa with my three pups. And I thought of all of those folks who have no homes and are shivering outside today without any warmth. How selfish am I to even think I am chilly (our heater is on the fritz) as I sit in the shelter of a home with warm blankets and clothing.

My thoughts are how I can help that part of my human family that sleeps on the streets. Perhaps with sweaters, blankets, socks, and money. And if they should spend the money on cigarettes and alcohol, may it give them solace and comfort until we, in this country, can find a way to make homes for every person within our borders.

I remember hearing as a child, "a chicken in every pot; a car in every garage." Now that I am an old(er) woman, I think we should demand "a home for every person." (and while we are at it: "a home for every creature, even chihuahuas!")

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