Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time Bundles

On the eve of a new year, we begin to package the former year and to unwrap the new year.

Isn’t it odd that we choose to gather time into bundles, and celebrate the passage of each bundle?

For example, December 31st is not all that different from January 1st. But we are eager to pack up the former 365 days, and at the same time, we put the upcoming 365 on a pedestal with hope and anticipation for better times.

Same with our birthdays. We don’t end our past year looking younger and wake up the morning of our new year looking older. All we have is another day of experiences. But otherwise, day follows day.

Perhaps we would do better making smaller time bundles. For Jews, a natural bundle is six days, and then a day for reflection and renewal. For spiritual seekers, the time bundle is the moment.

A mantra reflecting a time bundle is: JUST FOR TODAY.

Perhaps this mantra will work for you. Do you want to lose weight, or go on a tight budget, or learn a new language, or stop smoking?


Take a look at the things you would like to (or have to) change. Instead of making grandiose plans and resolutions, which may last a week, what if you take one change…..yes, I said ONE change, and do it JUST FOR TODAY.

Heck, if it works, when you wake up the next day, do it again! So what if you take a day off – start a new time bundle and make your changes JUST FOR TODAY again.

As Walt Disney once said:
Always be in a state of becoming.

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