Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Morning of Mourning

Am I mourning this morning? Maybe. It is a rainy day in SW Florida - a gentle, loving rain. I have always loved to walk in this kind of rain, so this morning, I did. It seems to connect me more intimately with the Divine and I my experience of Oneness is heightened. Yoga in this kind of rain is also an incredibly spiritual experience.

Lex, the alpha Pekeapoo is the only one of the 4 leggeds who savors this kind of walk the same way I do. Ruby, the ever loyal, ever obedient Mastiff, will trudge along if she has to but prefers laying over the air vents to either cool off or stay warm (thereby blocking air from the rest of us.) And Maddie Sue, the little foster chi, will look at me with a truly furrowed brow, as in "Are you nuts?"
So Lex and I walked along the bay and through the park.

It was a deliciously spiritual and reflective mourning this morning.

I am mourning a Transition. Transitions in our life are emotional experiences and I think we should recognize and experience each of the stages of emotion in the transition. A transition can be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, the loss of a job, any loss.
A transition is a change and changes evoke emotions if we are open to them. There are joyful transitions too, but the roadmap is different for them. And a sorrowful transition can often lead to a joyful one.

My current Transition is from a congregation of about 300, which by mutual agreement, it is time for a change of rabbinical energies for both of us, to the excitement, fear and challenge of my next step with is unfolding before me like a banquet of spirit, love, treasures, delights and goodness.

The first stage in mourning this kind of shift or transition is to realize the grief cycle. I have processed Grief, Anger, Shock, and Denial (not as in de Nile river, although my tears could have filled de Nile.)

Then the process goes to Guilt, Recognition of the Loss, and Sorrow. Today's walk in the rain was part of the sorrow.

The next stage is the relief, the "Whew" stage, followed by Resolution, and then the Moving On With Life.

As with any journey, the path is not clear, not direct, and not unobstructed. In this journey, I (or one, if you are thinking of a transition in your life as you read) bounce around the various mapposts as I move forward.

There comes a calmness in this process too. A knowing that all will be right and all will be good.
And there are moments when Spirit just smiles and says, "follow me."

I wish each of you a wonderful thanksgiving -- but I know that most of you who read this celebrate giving thanks each and every day. And I wish you spiritual guidance and peace as you, too, journey through the wilderness we call Life.

Go forth with peace, love and blessings, and if you have a gentle, nurturing rain, try a delicious walk in it...............

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