Sunday, November 8, 2009


As promised in a previous blog, about the Oneness of all Creation, I will share a story with you about how I sense energy vibrations everywhere -- almost. Today is a good day to share it since I feel light-hearted or even silly, and since this is a story poking fun at myself.

Obviously, my stories seem to have preludes, or sidebars. I guess this is a front-bar because I haven't even begun to tell the story yet. Frontbar 1: I am taking an online class on interpreting the Zohar, a Kabbalistic book, and we are discussing the concept of Nothingness. I commented that I have no trouble with the concept of "without limit" but I can't picture the concept of Nothing, (unless I look in my bank account.....just kidding....see I told you I woke up on the funny side of the bed today.) One fellow student, a physician, told me to think about the space between the stars, or between the planets, or down an empty street. And for a minute I almost grasp the concept, and then I revert back to my "knowing" that those spaces are filled with energetic vibrations.

Frontbar 2: Since I am sensitive to vibrational energy, I enjoy feeling it from trees, sand, rocks, and the like when I walk or travel. Usually, I can feel it by standing next to it, sometimes I like to touch the object to feel it with my hands. This probably sounds weird. But think about people you know, or have heard about, who see auras. I don't see color auras; I see energy fields around people and things. I always have. But I know as I have aged, (matured) that not everyone senses their reality like that either.

Okay, now the story.
I was taking yoga classes in a jungle garden area, outside, often in light rain. It was an incredibly awesome meditative physical and spiritual time. As I left each class, I would typically go up to certain trees, especially bamboo and place my hand on them and feel their energy vibrations and try to feel the connective Oneness flowing through them. (okay, its my thing, just roll with me on this.)

On this particular day, I noticed a dark large shoot in the gardens as I was leaving, and I placed both of my hands on this trunk, feeling an unusual coolness. I was having trouble feeling the usual energy vibrations I am accustom to when I touch rocks or trees, so I laid my forehead on the shoot as well. Just then, the instructor came up to me and asked if I was okay.

Sure, of course.
She continued, "I just saw you there leaning on the lamp post and I thought something had happened."
I looked up, and sure enough, this cool, dark shoot was the base of a lamp post and not a bamboo branch.

Nature Rabbi zero; lamp post one.
(I imagine it had vibrational energy too -- it just wasn't at a level I could detect with my body, like my desk or my filing cabinet -- can't feel their energy vibrations either. Now my coffee cup -- wow, hold on!!!

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