Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Quickie

This day is fast getting away from me.

Have you ever noticed the relativity of time? In other words, do you have days where time drags, and other days where time zips right by? And for no apparent reason?

Sure, when we were kids, time seemed to drag until summer vacation, which sped by at lightening speed. But as an adult, there are mornings, like this one, where I am still savoring my morning coffee and catching up with myself (the last two days we celebrated Rosh HaShanah and I led services in Venice, so I have some catching up to do) --- and then I look at the clock and my morning has raced away.

I want to share a book with you: Mutant Message from Down Under.

This book, given to my by a congregant, really wowed me. It resonates with my own beliefs about the divine or cosmic energy we call God.

The one tiny morsel I want to share today is the ritual that this Aboriginal tribe used to begin their day, every day. The first thing they would do is face east, say blessings, which were often as simple as saying "thank you" and then, most importantly, set their intention for the day.

How long could this possibly take? And why couldn't we each (and this does mean me too) -- spend the few minutes it takes to wake up, say "thank you" and actually set our intentions for the day which will be unfolding before us.

Just a thought.....

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