Sunday, August 30, 2009

Days of Transformation - 7

May we stand still for a brief moment and listen to the rain.
Stand still for a brief moment, and watch the play of sunlight and shadow on the leaves.
For a brief moment -- listen to the world.

We need a quiet space to test the balance of our days,
the weight of our own deeds against the heaviness of the world's demands.
The balance is precarious --- steady us with faith.

Quiet places and stillness--
where we will hear our own best impulses speak.
Quiet places and stillness --
from which we will reach out to each other.

We will find strength in silence.
We will find love in silence.
We will find peace in silence.

In silence we will find ourselves.
In silence we will find the divine.

Inspired and adapted -- Priscilla Stein

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