Thursday, August 20, 2009

Days of Transformation - 1

Tomorrow begins the month of Elul in the Jewish calendar. Days of reflection, renewal, promise, repentance before our High Holy Days. As often as I can during this time of reflection, I will post thoughts that may resonate with you for your meditations.

Take time each day to sit in introspection.

Examine your past year -- are you your best self?

Personal transformation is like cleaning out a messy closet -- first we must toss out all of the stuff that we have allowed to accumulate. Then we sort the stuff. We decide how to put back the good stuff and to toss the not so good stuff away. Finally, we decide what needs to be added to make this sorting polished, and just as we want it.

Wishing you a good journey as you sort through your personal memories, achievements, accomplishments and failures. Know that failures are often the beginnings of opportunities.

Here is a thought to begin your journey:

Every day, God calls to you, as it is written: "I called you and you turned away." (Proverbs 1:24) It is also written: "I called you and you did not answer" (Isaiah 65:12), and "I called and no one responded" (Isaiah 66:4).

How, then, do you know that God is calling you? When you are suddenly smitten with a wave of fresh inspiration from out of nowhere, know that God is calling you.

You might want to respond with hineini, "I am here" and open your heart to the love that waits to enter it, to the newness of the next moment as if it were your very first -- and behold the magic that will then unfold for you!

Eighteenth century Rabbi Tzadok Ha'Kohain in Tzid'kat haTzadik, no. 222.

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