Sunday, July 26, 2009


It was a deliciously lazy Sunday morning. I stayed up late finishing a book, the kind you just can't put down. And so I awoke and just savored the extra time laying in bed, listening to the world wake up. I delighted in long, powerful thunder rolls and thought I would get up to find a stormy morning.

Coffee called me from my bednest, and while awaiting my cup to fill, smelling the warmth of a strong Kona, I heard the songs of happy birds punctuating the low rolling thunder.

To my surprise, I stepped out into a typically tropical humid Florida morning, hot and muggy, sun shining, birds singing, and yet, thunder was still pounding nearby. The clouds were a mixture of fluffy white and ominous black. Lightening shooting through the back.

I walked out into the weather and could see the rains rolling in, bringing a coolness to one side of me, while the sun and heat were on the other. I stood in awe thinking that in this one special moment, I was surrounded by everything (almost -- there was no snow, but allow me the literary license here). And I thought that truly God/Nature is all powerful and is treating me today to a display of its many facets.

And perhaps I have been spending too much time on Kabbalah*, but I then segued into the fact that so are we. We posses the power to do good and to do evil. The power to change the world or muck it up. The power to brighten someone's day or to dampen it.

I thought about the earth. I thought of the myriad of climates and geographical splendors. And yet, we too possess this myriad of emotions and abilities.

As I write this, the sun is still shining through the rain clouds. Let us each always find our ray of personal light to shine on a sometimes dark world. Let us always be cognizant of our abilities to bring light or dark into situations, and may we choose light.

Just think, if one by one, we each focused on tikkun (repair) and loving kindness, and it grew into a global epidemic of goodness......what a beautiful world it would be.

May you go forth and be a blessing to those whose lives you touch today.

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