Monday, June 8, 2009


watchin' the tide roll away......

Yep, still sidelined, so I'm just sittin'. Fortunately, the dock of the bay is near my house.

I wanted to share with you a sighting of a very smart bird, which I also filed away under "reasons not to eat birds" (ie, because they are smart)*. Although my friend said I could make the "mean bird" or "mean food" exception, since my reason for not eating these critters is that they are smart, kind and have feelings. She said with that criteria, I can eat dumb and mean critters. So we had to discuss if turkeys were mean. I bet there are very nice turkeys somewhere; have you met any?**

Anyway, back to the smart sea bird. All of the sea birds were busy hunting for their dinner as the tide was about to roll out. I watched one sea bird head to the garbage can and pick around in there until he flew out with a piece of bread. He flew it over to the dock and started pecking it apart into smaller pieces.

Ahha! I thought, a vegetarian sea bird.

Then he tossed it in the water and waited a few seconds, and then dove in and came up with a tiny fish.

AAAHHHAAA -- a fisher bird. Now how smart is that?!

And he did it several more times. He was the only bird who was fishing that day. Actually, it was the only time I have ever seen a bird do this. But dang! was I impressed!

As I am impressed by the wonders I see just sittin' by the dock of the bay, or on these delightful rainy days, on the veranda. You can just feel the grass grow, and the flowers stretch upward for their showers, and the birds....oy.....are they having a frolic. If I could dance, I would indeed go out and dance with them in the rain. Since I am still on wheels......I will vicariously enjoy.

May each drop of rain bring blessings into your lives and our world.

*see Slaughterhouse Live below.

** Actually, I just remembered a nice turkey named Eleanor. I lived on the top floor of a ranch house in CT, and my downstairs neighbor was a collector of a myriad of critters. My mother was visiting with me during a terrible blizzard. The snow as so high that my downstairs neighbor needed to use my door to get into her house (and then take the inside stairs down to hers.) I was in the living room with my mom watching the snow fall when there was a knock on the door. My mom went to answer it and came back to report, "There is someone at the door carrying a turkey -- a live one!" To which I replied, "Oh, that's Jody with Eleanor -- let them in."


kayak woman said...

I love rainy days too. Not sure I did when I was young... :-)

Jandi said...

I've known several nice turkeys. In fact, I just returned from feeding the critters next door while my neighbors are on vacation and they have a sweet pet turkey. She laid an egg earlier today and I gave the egg to the dog, Jake, as a treat as the turkey is not inclined to be "broody" and sit on it.

Love your your thoughtful you.