Sunday, June 21, 2009


Miracles happen. Honest. Try to tell me that this story revolves on coincidence, just try!

Today was bath day for my two critters. Lex, the pekeapoo who is more peke than poo, unless you are counting the times she potties in the house, was the first up for the suds. Since I am still wheelchair bound, my beloved was in charge of the bubbles and bling. Baths take place outside during the hot months.

Suddenly, he darts in the house, grabs his car keys and runs back out. Never a good sign during a bath. Obviously Ms Lex is on the lamb again. She is such an adventurous girl so there is no telling where she headed, soaking wet with no identifying collar, and I can't remember if I changed her chip to my new cellphone number. Time passes. I roll to the veranda and watch as the search car circles up and down the street.

Then, as he passes for what seems to be the umpteenth time, I hear a horn honk -- good sign. And minutes later in walk my beloved and Ms Lex, both soaking wet. Where did he find her?

A lady had her wrapped in a towel and was getting in her car just as he drove by; she was taking her to the dog pound!!!

Now tell me this -- what are the chances that he would be driving by just as the lady emerged with Ms. Lex papoosed in the towel to take her to the pound?

To me -- it was a miracle. Nothing else. Too remote for a coincidence. It was the Miracle of the Day on Beach Drive.

You should have seen the sniffin' Ms Ruby, my full figured, shy mastiff gave the adventure girl when they were reunited! I am sure the sniffing told her most of the story of Lex's outing. Enough to shock the reticent Ruby.

And now I count my blessings that they are both safe and clean, and balance is restored to my home.

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