Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today, while in physical therapy, I heard my beloved come into the room and inquire about my status. A therapist said, "She's over there - in her Happy Socks!" Since I was strapped onto some contraption and could not see him, I wiggled my happy socks to acknowledge his presence.

My happy socks are handmade by a dear friend, and are striped with sherbet colors. Not only do they make me smile whenever I wear them, but I see other folks gazing (with envy) at them and smile as we pass. Since I have been wheelchair bound, I wear my happy socks a lot.

Many of my shirts have some Life is Good slogan, as does my car. Do I need reminders all through the day to be happy? Would I be happy without these reminders? Yes and yes, is my bet.

As Jews, we have reminders of our connection to God. The Shema, our prayer of Oneness, is to be said "when we lie down and when we wake up." And we have mezzuzot on our doorposts to similarly remind us to love God with all our heart, soul, and might, "when we go in and when we go out." I trust other religions have similar reminders.

Nature is often a reminder to stop and "smell the roses." When you first step into Nature after being in an air conditioned or heated building for hours, isn't that first hit of air an awesome reminder of the power and glory of the natural world we live in?

Some folks wear rubber bands on their wrist and snap them periodically as a reminder for some unknown thing.

Me - I just like to have touches of goodness and whimsy around me to remind me to get my nose out of a book, or my mind off a thought, and just take a moment of laugh and delight in my surroundings. Life is indeed Good.

And Happy Socks will indeed make you happy! honest!

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