Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sometimes I imagine myself floating peacefully on crystal blue waters, gentle waves rocking me as I sway with the natural rhythm of the waters. Often, this is my visual meditation as I lay in bed awaiting and welcoming sleep. But during these times of challenge for all, and for me personally, I have been feeling that the blue waters are those of the toilet bowl as I am swimming to avoid the pull of the waters circling to go down the drain.

Remember the phrase: "I am dancing as fast as I can" -- again, the duality between a dance that can be beautiful and loving, and one that is frenzied and almost violent, as some of the mosh dances are.

Let me share with you some beautiful words written by Howard Thurman and adapted by Rabbi Shawn Zevit, and if you would like to hear Reb Shawn sign these words, listen at

Imagine the duality of these powerful feelings and energies in your own life as you read or listen to these words:

Open unto me: light and my darkness.
Open unto me: courage and my fear.
Open unto me: hope and my despair.
Open unto me: peace and my turmoil.
Open unto me: joy and my sorrow.
Open unto me: strength and my weakness.
Open unto me: wisdom and my confusion.
Open unto me: tenderness and my toughness.
Open unto me: love and my hates.
Open unto me: Your Self and my Self.
Yah, dear God - open up to me.

Enjoy pondering your own dualities. I will ponder mine as soon as I finish circling the toilet bowl, blub, blub, gurgle, gasp, sputter..............

in other words:

a nap is next on the list.

The whole world is better after a nap.

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