Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been walking a lot lately; unfortunately, not in the forests or on the beach where we often have God moments, but in the hallways of Tampa General Hospital, where God is being beckoned and beseeched. I am there during several night shifts while working on my CPE as an intern chaplain.

And as I walk the floors, I do an "I Am" meditation. I say to myself: "I am..."
and then fill in the blank. For example:
I am...........needed.
I am......protected by God.
I am......loved.
I am.......worried.
I am.....fearful.

Whatever thoughts come to my I walk, I just keep thinking "I am" thoughts as a way to ground myself and to still any chaos.

And then I conclude with:

"I am loved by an everlasting love."

And I may repeat this a few times.

I haven't tried this sitting, because the moments in my life these last weeks have either been standing, walking, driving or sleeping. But as a walking meditation, I find this to be very centering and grounding.

It is also a good way to allow the free flow of thought to take a personal inventory of how your body, mind and spirit is doing. As you free flow -- true feelings will bubble up and answer the "I am" invitation. You may be surprised at how you are.

Try it and see if it works for you.

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Anonymous said...

Another great idea, Ann. I noticed -- after your post made me pay attention to it -- that I count when I walk. I must have OCD. I'm going to adopt your walking meditation much more positive and life-improving. Thank you once again, my friend!