Monday, January 5, 2009

SOCKS WITH MY BIRKIES???? Can you hear my teeth chattering......

Nature Rabbi is off to the wilds of Colorado -- or at least to the sanctuary of the Bolderado -- where ice and snow are even enjoyed by the natives and other snowflakes who flock to the ski slopes. My happy socks (stripes of sherbert colors, thank you, Leona) are packed, along with layers and layers of Florida clothing. By the time I bundle up, I'll probably look like a bag lady waddling down the streets of Boulder to get to the Solstice Center for meditation.

Do you get the idea that my Florida blood has thinned?

Give me the hills of North Georgia any day -- without the dueling banjos, of course. Anywhere along the Appalachian Trail is fine by me. Or Colorado in the summer, but in January!!!???!!!

Oh well -- my mission is to begin my journey with the Aleph: Jewish Renewal Haspa'ah Program in Spiritual Direction. Check it out on their website: When you get there, check out: Ordination Programs; then hit the link to: Hashpa'ah. You can see that this is a journey what will nourish my thirsty soul and feed this blog with all sorts of new posts. Buckle up -- we're going to have a blast! Or blast off, as the case may be.

So I am hereby signing out -- bidding you adieu, ciao, and shalom good-bye. I shall return in a week.

Go forth and bring loving kindness to the world in my absence. I am counting on you!

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deerdancer22 said...

Have the best of fun and learning and can't wait to hear all about it! Happy and safe travels.